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Terror Serial Number

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About This Game

Subway... We all know this place and use it every day, but what happened with human, who stay in subway... on the all night? Answer in this game.
Small indie-horror with 5d3b920ae0

Title: Terror
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Release Date: 2 Oct, 2018


  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7
  • Processor: Core i3-530
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM


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Even though this game is like 12 - 13 mins long I actually really like the little details put into this game. I would recommend this game and I will actually look out more from this developer cause even with no dialogue or notes in this game to tell a story it paints a story with just the actions performed in this game. You can judge for youself but I beat the game in this episode so if you want it do not watch it fully Alright seems to be in its beginning stages which might be why it is so short. This game was able to scare me pretty dang good (Yes I get scared easily and wore both headphones). This game did not have much of an intro or outro but felt good and gave a generally scary atmosphere. I would reccomend checking this game out and playing it, but if you do not have the money then you can check it out on my chanel if you want.. I do recommend this game as is was alot of fun the playthrough. It may not be exactly worth the price but still pretty cheap. Graphics are good and mechanics are easy. The game is a little drawn out at certain points which i thought the game was over. This is a complete walkthrough. "Horror". The game looks great but is way too short it is less than 15 minutes to complete. I cannot recommend it at the moment because it is too short to be called a game, it is more like a demo. I am not even sure what the game is about maybe you run from a terrorist attack in the subway or you are an actual terrorist that blew up part of the subway and you run away from the authoriies. The latter would have been a great proof of concept for a storyline. Basically nagivating trhough the subway, the city, to your appartment to get your passport and escaping on an airplane or other means. The goal would be to go stealth and avoid authorities activating switches, blowing up stuff, setting or avoid traps, etc. I liked the experience but I cannot recommend at the current price for the duration of the game. However if you dont mind the short duration, it is still a nice experience.

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