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Teleportation Telugu Full Movie Download

Teleportation Telugu Full Movie Download ->->->->

Original Title: Teleportation

Genge: Short,Action,Family,Sci-Fi

































Frederike and Fabian, both 10 years old, plan a secret experiment: They want to teleport away their friend Jonathan. But everything goes wrong and instead of the boy all the people of their hometown disappear. Even school is deserted. They look for the source of complications. In the TV programme they watch pictures of people climbing up the Wall or driving into the West with their "Trabbis". In this second the three children know: They accidentally teleported the population of their town to West Berlin. They have to reverse the experiment, to save their neighbors, friends and families. An adventure story about November the 9th in 1989.
Frederike and Fabian, both 10 years old, plan a secret experiment: to teleport their friend Jonathan away to West Berlin. But everything goes wrong... An adventurous story about November 9th, 1989.
Teleportation is a German short film from 6 years ago and runs for slightly over 10 minutes. It is about the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Now you probably think: "oh not not again" as this topic has been dealt with so many times in German movie, then again not really in short films. But this is still a refreshing take on the subject. A group of kids do some physics experimenting and, as their parents leave to celebrate the Fall, the kids believe their teleporting experiment has worked and they moved all their parents away. It's a funny little story and as the film went on, i had to think of "Sputnik", a German film I watched a while ago, which has a very similar plot, but runs for 90 minutes roughly. Then I saw that the director and writer for both works is Markus Dietrich, so it was actually not a coincidence. If you enjoy this short film, see if you can get your hands on "Sputnik" too. It should be pretty difficult though, especially abroad. Anyway, I recommend watching "Teleportation". Solid film all in all.


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