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Original Title: Minesweeper

Genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Drama,Romance,War















































A naval officer who had deserted several years earlier is drawn back to the Navy when World War II begins. He re-enlists under an assumed name, and is assigned to a minesweeper, where he has to perform hazardous duties while at the same time keeping his real identity a secret.
Richard Houston, a former Naval officer who deserted because of gambling debts, rejoins the U.S. Navy under a fictitious name, after the Japanese attack Pear Harbor. He makes friends with Chief Petty Officer "Fixit" Smith, who takes him home where Houston meets Smith's niece, Mary. Houston, with his prior service, makes quick progress and is soon promoted to Gunner's Mate, along with Seaman Elliott Nash, his chief rival for Mary. During a diving operation, Nash saves Houston's life but Lieutenant Ralph Gilpin discovers a watch in Houston's pockets inscribed to Richard Houston, and starts an investigation into his real identity. Houston, to win money for an engagement ring for Mary, gambles and overstays his shore-leave, and his friend Smith takes his place and is killed when the Minesweeper strikes a Jap mine. Houston discloses his true identity to Mary and plans to desert again. But after hearing an emergency broadcast for all Navy men to report to their base, he returns and is placed on a minesweeper with Nash to locate a new type of Japanese mine in the harbor.
Minesweeper is a product of the Paramount B picture unit where producers William Pine and William Thomas did things on an Assembly line basis to provide second features for Paramount's big budget items like the films Cecil B. DeMille did. They got the best training because William Pine served as an associate producer with DeMille for years before branching out on his own.

A cursory list of their credits show that their early films either starred Richard Arlen, Chester Morris or both. Minesweeper stars Arlen as a former Navy officer who deserted because of a gambling problem and who comes back to enlist under an alias as a seaman when World War II breaks out.

Arlen and Russell Hayden have a friendly rivalry for Jean Parker who is the niece of CPO Guinn Williams who lives with Parker and her mother/his sister Emma Dunn. Both Arlen and Hayden get assigned to, what else, duty on a Minesweeper.

Discovering this film was a bit of a revelation since the only well known film dealing with a minesweeper is The Caine Mutiny. But the action in that film takes place years into World War II when the USS Caine was sweeping mines away from landing areas. This minesweeper is dealing with them right outside San Diego harbor.

Arlen enlists in the navy to redeem himself and as this is a B film about a romantic triangle I think you can figure out how this will end.

Robert Mitchum has a tiny bit in this film and Mitchum completists might want to check this out. As it is Minesweeper is a curiosity flag waving film of the times. "Minesweeper" is a somewhat melodramatic but interesting World War II drama that has a pretty good story and that also takes a look at one of the less familiar aspects of the war. There are also some moments of real suspense and tension. The print that aired recently was unfortunately not very good, so viewing it involves accepting some distractions, but it has a number of points of interest to compensate.

Richard Arlen stars as a naval officer who had deserted a few years before the war, but who finds himself drawn back to the Navy when the war breaks out. Helped by a friendly family, he assumes a new identity and re-enlists under his new name. Throughout the action that follows, he is faced with numerous dangerous missions, while also living in constant fear that his true identity will be discovered. He also finds himself involved in romantic complications. It all builds up to a climactic sequence of events that, while rather melodramatic, is action-packed and rather surprising.

Arlen's ship is a minesweeper, and the film incorporates some interesting details on the job that such ships had to do in keeping shipping lanes and harbors free of mines. The hazards involved also lead to some rather tense moments of drama.

The movie is not too long, and moves fairly quickly. It should hold some interest for most fans of old war movies.


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